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What You'll Need

9x 2×2’s or 18 1″x2″s. wood stain burlap, any fabric or, you can even use thin plywood stapler screws ( drill) acrylic paint to stain burlap closet door hinges bi-fold door hardware

Step 1

Okay here’s a quick snippet showing how the panel looks close up with the top and bottom layers. ( before secured with screws)

Step 2

When applying my stain I didn’t let it sit long at all.  I pretty much wiped it off as soon as I applied it.

Step 3

Here’s what the panels looked like once stained.

Step 4

I decided burlap was the way to go because it was the perfect texture and only about $3 a yard.  I decided to stain it because it was too light in color and more yellow then cane webbing.  I used some acrylic paint that I mixed with water and brushed the mixture on.

Step 5

This is pretty straight forward.  I cut the burlap big enough to wrap around each panel and ironed it before attaching. Then I used my stapler to secure first the top then the bottom of the burlap to my closet panel (tighten while stapling). Following that I moved onto the sides of my panel. It works best if you staple one whole side of your burlap to the panel than move onto the other side and stretch tightly while attaching the second side.

Step 6

To finish off my corners I simply pulled the fabric back neatly and stapled.

Step 7

Finally installing the doors.  I attached some of these non-mortise hinges.  I was told they’re made specifically for closet doors.

Step 8

To attach them I simply lay the doors next to one another and used the screws provided to attach them.

Step 9

Tony also made me these super cute door handles that I special ordered from him! 😋LOL!

Step 10

Aren’t they sssso cute!! I love how simple they look.

Okay finally here’s what my closet looks looked like before!

Tilted Brush Stroke