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What You'll Need

Utility knife foam sealant plaster of paris Two dowels 2-3 paint brushes scissors level terracotta pot tape pool noodle (one big one small) mixing bowl + brush Sharpie Interior paint in dark green and light green

Step 1

I used two different sizes of pool noodles for contrast. Found them at walmart.

Step 2

INSTALLING YOUR POOL NOODLES! Ok so the idea I had was to have the dowels support the pool noodles.  I first used some tape to support the dowels before using some foam sealant to fill the pot.

Step 3

I used my level to make sure my dowels were straight.

Step 4

Than I added some more tape to the bottom and top so it stays still when I spray the foam.

Step 5

This is the foam sealant I used.  Make sure you don’t fill the pot to the top because the foam expands as it dries.

Step 6

If you want your cute cactus to have arms add oblong shapes to some saran wrap.

Step 7

You will need to let it set for about 24 hours before touching it. Here’s what mine looked liked the next morning. It expanded a lot more than I was expecting.

Step 8

I used a knife to remove some off the top to even out the surface.

Step 9

Following that to install your pool noodles add a little bit of foam on the dowels and insert your pool noodles onto it.

Step 10

Let your pool noodle set for 24 hours. The top of your cactus at this point should look like the photo below.  Use a knife to even out the edges creating an even rounded top.

Step 11

Okay following that you will need to use a sharpie and draw lines about and inch apart from the top to the bottom of your cacti.  They don’t have to be perfectly straight in fact if they’re a little uneven it’ll add more character to your cactus.

Step 12

Following that carefully use your utility knife to start cutting strips out of your cactus.

Step 13

You will need to slightly tilt your knife in while cutting into your foam noodles to cut out triangle shaped strips.  If cut correctly your strips should pop right out.

Step 14

Here’s what it looks like from the top.

Step 15

SMOOTHING OUT YOUR CUTE CACTUS. Mix small amounts of plaster and work fast.

Step 16

I gave my cactus two coats of plaster and let it set for 24 hours before sanding it.

Step 17

If you’re making cactus arms follow all the same steps to turn your oblong foam shapes into cactus arms.

Step 18

My sweet hubby helped me sand down the cactus. We ended up using 40 grit sand paper.  Honestly if it wasn’t for him this cactus would probably still be sitting half done.  You don’t have to sand it to a super smooth finish as long as the bumps are gone you should be good.

Step 19

PAINTING YOUR CUTE CACTUS I ended up taking it outside to paint since I didn’t want paint all over my floors. The plaster got pretty messy. I started off by giving my cactus a solid coat of my darkest green.

Step 20

I used glidden sample size paint from home depot . (it was flat paint)  I ended up running out of the darkest color green and had to go get more.

Step 21

Following that I used my lighter green color with a smaller paint brush and painted the tips of each of the cactus sections.  I used water to help blend.

Step 22

To make my prickles I simply used some scissors and cut the brush into pieces.

Step 23

Than to add my prickles I dotted some mod podge onto the cacti and sprinkled the cut brush.

Step 24

If you’re adding arms use some hot glue to secure them to the cactus and that’s it!!

I love how it looks in my living room! It almost feels bohemian. What do you think?  Oh btw the cute cactus on the side table is real!

Tilted Brush Stroke