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What You'll Need

– Particle baord – measuring tape – ruler – pencil – plaster of paris – wood trim (for frame) – Interior paint (satin finish) – Egg shells – Gold leaf and gilding adhesive – nails – screws

Step 1

My particle board was 3/4″ thickness.

Step 2

I knew I needed to have a strong support system in the back. I couldn’t just screw screws right into the particle board. Not with each one weighing around 40 pounds. So I used a 1 x 4 for the backside and 6 screws to secure it. That did the job.

Step 3

I am no pro when it comes to 45 degree angles, but I have to say this wasn’t that hard.. just very tedious. I fixed that big chunk of wood missing wood in the frame with some plaster of paris.

Step 4

For those of you who are new to this. Before cutting your 45 degree angles mark lightly with a pencil which direction it should approximately be cut at.  Nothing fancy this is to keep the confusion away. It definitely helped me from getting confused and cutting in the wrong direction.. 😀 Or maybe it’s just me because I’m always overthinking things.  😀

Step 5

Once my frame was set and ready to go.  I measured and marked how far out I wanted the frame to stick out.

Step 6

I then used the MIGHTY Gorilla Glue to attach it to the Canvas (particle board)

Step 7

These are the nails I went with. Make sure they don’t heave big heads 😀 ..  The less visibility the better.

Step 8

Oh my gosh I can’t say enough about good paint… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get good paint if you’ll be doing this project.

Step 9

Oh and if your wondering. I used Satin Finish Paint.  As you can see I wasn’t trying to be perfect with my brush strokes the messier the better. It’s art not rocket science. 😀 At least that’s what I tell myself to keep my OCD at bay.. 😀

Step 10

I love the reflection these eggs give off.  My next step was separating the bigger eggs from the smaller ones.  Which in the end was totally pointless but like I’ve said before I usually totally overthink things.

Step 11

My mini glue gun helped get the job done.

Step 12

So I started off by gluing them onto the canvas in a uniform fashion.  What I mean by that is very evenly in rows… Big NO NO. If your aiming for your art piece to look like a honeycomb then go right ahead.. But what I had envisioned was an abstract piece.. A MESSY ONE . hehe 😀 So start from one corner LEAVING spaces in between.

Step 13

If you look close at the previous picture YES I had the canvas standing up, but then I decided to lay it down flat for the splatter effect I wanted to achieve. I lay all my eggshells out and snapped a pic to show to my hubby. It took three tries before my better-half okayed it, but it was totally worth all the effort because when it comes to things like this I’m way to indecisive.

There she is 😀 My gold goddess has the whole room glowing.  If you make one of these don’t forget to watch it at sunset. It literally glows. 😀

Tilted Brush Stroke