Natural Valentines Makeup

Natural Valentines Makeup

Make getting ready easy..

I love natural makeup.. Just enough to outline your natural beauty. With valentines just around the corner I’m sure you ladies have looked into a few different outfit or makeup ideas.   It takes a long time for us ladies to prep and pretty ourselves up but, it could take even longer to make up our minds.  That is by far my biggest struggle when I go shopping or when I need to get ready for a special event. lol Am I the only one the changes 5 outfits sometimes before I go out the door? I used to be very skeptical on the fact that what I’ve decided first needs to be worn but I’m starting to realize that it’s probably just the nature of us girls.


I’ve recently become very fond of Instagram. While surfing Instagram I’ve noticed that a lot of their trending makeup looks are extremely heavy makeup.  I don’t understand how it’s trending so much when in reality nobody can really wear that much makeup and look normal. We all know that cameras take out a lot of makeup but this doesn’t mean you can’t find a middle ground.  I probably wouldn’t care as much about natural makeup if it weren’t for my husband. If you don’t know my “husband” he’s super skeptical about cakey makeup because it makes him think of dead people (when they get their makeup done for open casket funerals). WEIRD.

Anyways this all brings me to the conclusion that over the year’s I had to master the natural makeup look. I don’t want to look like the walking dead now do I... SO GOODBYE POWDER FACE and hello natural glow!! Seriously though, I can’t wait until ” natural makeup ” is in TREND. GIVE me a thumbs up if you agree:D

natural makeup
Here’s how dorky I look on any given day. 😀 hehe
Natural makeup
And this is me after my makeup is CAKED on..LOL Just kidding. Very light makeup 🙂

Here’s a list of all the products I used.

Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule (serum)
Pacifica Dream Youth Day & Night Face Cream (face cream)
Bare minerals Stroke of light (concealer)
Ulta brow wiz medium brown (eyebrows)
Smashbox Full Exposure (eyeshadow) nude matte base eyeshadow to prevent the top layers from caking
Mac Amber lights (edges crease-line eyeshadow)
Any highlighter/eyeshadow (center of lids- eyeshadow)
Mac Fluidline Dipdown (eyeliner)—>>>(MY HOLY GRAIL)<<——–
Curl and mascara (Essence Get BIG! lashes)
Palladio Toasted apricot (Blush)  (absolutley love this shade —–>>>brings out the peachiness in any skin tone:D
Too Faced Medium (bronzer) –>>>Yep my favorite bronzer on my third one.
lipstick–Hard Candy Popular


I absolutely love my Mac Fluidline eyeliner. I use this super thin brush(shown below) It gives me a very sharp defined edge when doing my eyeliner and guess what my favorite part about it is….IT DOESN’T TRANSFER. Nope not at all. Lasts all day. Isn’t to dark and with my eye shape being on the hooded side it doesn’t transfer to my top lid. ROUND OF APPLAUSE PLEASE. Ladies those of you struggling with this make a run to MAC.. You could always return it if you don’t like it… PS. No they aren’t paying me to advertise. I WISH 😉

Natural Makeup

And finally on to the natural makeup tutorial we are all so anxious about!!! 😀


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